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Sounds like you care if you intentional use language that isn't straight up saying you played poker.

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If I remember correctly, WW2 in the Eastern front Pacific theatre, Japan was severely demoralized when they found out we had ice cream in tap on our boats.

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Are DPA's known to be good with extremely high gain? I'd look into an MD 421-II (click "Support" to read about it's max dB SPL, 160 dB) and if it still distorts, you're probably too close.

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Just jerked it so I'm not a nofapper but I always thought nofappers were more about not watching porn because they had an addiction and the nofap community was equivalent to AA.

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The original cast of CH mostly seemed to be inexperienced actors and somewhat awkward at times (which itself gave a funny tone) versus the cast members of recent years. Was there a point where you guys started hiring people with acting experience on top of their writing? Did you hire an acting coach? Is it coincidental?