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My world is ruined.

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It's been an hour so I don't know if you're still doing this buuuuuuuut

I'd like to know how your parents handled your ordeal and if there was anything you wish they'd done differently.

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How do you prevent people who don't pay for roads and sidewalks from using roads and sidewalks? Do you make public throughways the sole responsibility of local property owners? How does transportation planning and development operate in a libertarian society? Every public meeting regarding transportation I've been to has been a complete mess of NIMBYs and I have no idea how you develop a functioning transportation network without occasionally overruling vocal minorities and occasionally a vocal majority.

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Well, what do you think of the hoops? The way the extent of federal land has always been justified to me is that improper land management can have seriously negative effects on surrounding plots but I have no concept of how much sense those regulations make in practice.