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JFG> Tim has always regretted introducing colon slash slash in addresses. Surely all this extra typing contributed to climate change.

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Of the many great things the Web brought I would pick OpenSource software and Wikipedia -- Andreas

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I think it will definitely happen. It will also be very weird. Try this the next time you are on a train or waiting in a public space. Watch all the people who are looking at their phone, which is likely almost everyone, and then imagine that the phone is gone and they are staring into space not seeing anyone. Public waiting spaces will be filled with virtual zombies staring into cyberspace and ignoring the real world. - Lou

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JFG> Interesting that in the same year we released www to the world, Linus Torvalds shipped Linux 0.1. We all built on top of the GNU free software thanks to Richard Stallman, going back to the mid-1970s. (I used to run all my life from emacs.)

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The best thing about the web is that it is still an open system that is not controlled by any one company or country. It is a resource for all that is supported by open standards and open source software. After 30 years it is still evolving and adding new functionality - Lou