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Look through all of his post history now that you know his reddit name. Grade him according to content, normalcy and originality. Extra credit for GW posts.

Edit: I looked. I guess he's still getting that F...

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Within one minute it doesn't asterisk. His post history took all of 20 seconds.

Edit: Better?

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This is a perfect example of a genius at work. Talking to himself and replying to his own answers. This is why they were successful.

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I've always hated the idea of the DNA services because of privacy and big brother and all that. But I guess I have to change my mind. I wasn't told until about a year ago. I'm 41. My parents were going to take it to their graves but my mom finally told me after I was going to have some serious issues due to my dad's (non biological) health issues. She had to let me know I wouldn't inherit any of his health issues and didn't need to list them in my family history (would have caused dozens of expensive tests and stopped me from getting a medical clearance for my job).

On a side note, I've spent much of my life being told by random strangers that I have a doppleganger here or there. Enough to believe I must have more than one brother who looks like me in the area.

Does 23 and Ancestry have options when you do the test to allow for finding related people?

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I refuse to drive for a company with inward facing cameras. Dash cam is fine. But if you want to look at me, then you better be willing to ride shotgun.