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Hi Everyone….psyched to be doing this…thanks for joining.

Im excited to report that we WILL be getting screens at This, That & Other tents! Sorry this took too long to implement. -JM

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If you're listening Prince, please return my phone call.

Sincerely, Jonathan Mayers

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I like where your head is at, keep 'em coming! Not sure about technical issues but it's a good idea and one we will discuss. -KB

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Yes we have a plan to fix this! We know this is one of the problem areas with our drainage infrastructure. We've tried a few things over the years to fix it that obviously have not worked that well but we think we now have the solution. That area is where majority of the site drains through so a tough nut to crack. But don't complain that you miss the long jump competition when it's no longer there! - RF

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uhmmmm, how do i answer this without getting in trouble?