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How do you feel about the “Indian casino” thing, as it relates to cultural identity?

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Again, qrf is different. When on strip alert we (hercs) can be in the air within an hour of getting the call.
Source: am KC-130J aircrew.

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I'm a C-130 loadmaster in the Marine Corps - I have to agree I have never felt unsafe on the plane. They're made pretty tough, knowing how the plane works and flying on it every day gives a lot of confidence in the equipment.

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Good evening sir, great to see you on here, I'm a Marine C-130 aircrewman who just left Cherry Point last December after being there for 8 years. We're keeping props turning well into the 21st century!
How many hours did you fly as a Naval Aviator? When we fly across the pond these days, we have iPads and movies and music...how did you pass the time back when you were flying long legs?
Semper Fi brother!

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For here or to go?