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Atlanta and its surrounding suburbs have received most of the attention on a state-level, but one of the details that's been harped on by many national political pundits was the growth of Trump's minority voter base — specifically, black and latino men. Seeing as Savannah is a mostly Black city, did this shift simply not play out here, or is there another factor at play to (in all likelihood) flip the state for Biden? Thanks. Appreciate your work.

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Would it change your opinion of their reply?

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What do you guys think of the recent-ish trend of journalism/media startups going with a non-profit approach i.e. ProPublica, Marshall Project, CIR, etc.? Is this sustainable, a fad, or something different entirely?


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That tracks with what I've read re Biden winning over many independent voters. Will more data become available on the subject as time goes on? Thanks for your time!