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WawaSC19 karma

Hello! Thanks for doing the AMA!

I have a few questions:

  • thanks for releasing all volumes of Attack on Titan at a reasonable pace. after you release vol 11, how close will the kodansha release of Vol 12 be with the Japanese release?

  • is attack on titan the highest selling series you guys publish? how many times did you guys have to reprint the volumes? have the sales for the series reached 1 million yet?

  • have you guys gotten to talk to Hajime Isayama yet? If so, does he have any idea how huge he is outside Japan?

  • is it possible for you guys to ask Hajime Isayama to also do an AMA in the future? :)

thanks again!

Also, shoutout to /r/ShingekiNoKyojin !!!

WawaSC2 karma

i dont play osu! but i play other rhythm games. i think i got better at them mostly by repeating the same song, same sequence, over an over again.

its moslty about memorizing the patterns, i think.