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You must all be natural athletes. It's amazing people with such little experience were able to overcome so many obstacles and excel in a sport that was still "foreign" in many ways.

I suppose if you see this, how many runs down the hill do you think you've taken in a bobsled during your lifetime?

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Did you ever retry to get into the Summer Olympics in later years?

Also, thank you for contributing to one of the best sports related stories of triumph that I know of in my lifetime.

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What's your favorite movie weapon that is made by another artist? Perhaps the Conan the barbarian sword? I saw a replica one in a sword factory in Spain

Edit.. Sorry for repost.. Phone said it didn't go through

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As this man's financial advisor, let's talk money. Dollars and cents.

I'm not really a financial advisor.

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With the whole $1 higher thing. The crowd should just boo the hell out of anyone that does it and boo them the whole rest of the show if they win. Shame the strategy players once and for all! /s