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WashedUpSuburban5 karma

Hey! I have Crohn's and spent all of 2016 inside the hospital because I perforated so although I don't understand completely what you're going through, I can relate a little bit to having a long term chronic illness. I've also heard of gastroparesis in my journey and it really sounds terrible, so I am so very sorry you have to deal with this.

I'm also really interested in stress and coping with a long term illness and I was wondering how do you cope with your depression? Have you found anything that really helps?

Also from a chronic illness perspective how many times have people told you that you can fix this if you just try XYZ diet?

WashedUpSuburban1 karma

Well if you have Crohn's now you know who to hit up! So I actually eat gluten but can't have a lot of meat products interestingly enough. Crohn's is weird it effects people differently and sometimes the whole diet thing works for people and sometimes it doesn't.

Anyway, that was just a side note, please reach out if you ever need anyone to talk to or anyone to sympathize with being cut open haha