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Michael - I have followed your efforts over the years - both when you were in a law practice and since you moved to academe. I noted your reply to a question earlier from an undergraduate wondering how to "get into" the privacy world and what expertise to acquire. Unlike you - I came to the security & privacy world from a technical background - and acquired the necessary level of knowledge of privacy law, policy development along the way. I know some of your esteemed colleagues in UofO - like Khaled El Emam working in the area of encryption - a man of science rather than law. Yet I see lawyers setting up boutique practices to try to win a piece of this pie. I have to say - I have become somewhat skeptical about what lawyers can bring to this area of multidisciplines - unless they commit to acquiring an understanding of the underlying technologies. You are welcome to duck this one - recognizing that it is a contentious subject - but your thoughts would be welcomed.