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I'm not sure how badly I'm going to get sued by someone for talking about this, but here goes.

Junction Point had a project cancelled (we can talk about that, too, if you want). There was no money. Basically, Valve came in like a white knight and offered us some work on a Half Life episode set in a part of the Half Life universe that hadn't been explored deeply. In addition, just because my team couldn't just do anything the easy way, we decided to add a new tool to the Half Life universe - the magnet gun. We came up with some COOL stuff to do with the magnet gun. Valve decided to move in another direction but I still wish they'd do something with the magnet gun. It was fun.

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Forgot about the Japanese designers question: Does anyone not love, admire and respect Shigeru Miyamoto. He came and visited the Disney Interactive booth at E3 once and I stood within 6 inches of him and couldn't bring myself to say anything. I was in awe. A couple of years later, I presented Epic Mickey at the Nintendo press conference at E3 and, backstage Mr. Miyamoto touched my arm and I instantly became a better designer. No fooling.

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I think people expect me to be pissed about new Deus Ex games that I'm not making but it's really not like that at all. I'm just excited (thrilled might be a better word) that I was part of the creation of something that's bigger than myself, that has a life of its own.

What did I think of DX:HR? Well, for starters, I don't finish a lot of games and I finished DX:HR. That'll tell you something. When I DID finish it, I kinda sat back and thought, "Wow, I just had a Deus Ex experience." It sounded like DX and felt like DX. It was pretty cool.

The Eidos Montreal guys made some design decisions I wouldn't have made, but overall, I was really pleased.

Now, having said that, my one regret is that the movie deal I had back in 2000 never made it to the screen and now there's no chance it ever will, 'cause DX, the original, is kind of old news.

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Okay, here's the drinking story. I was giving a lecture at the New School in NYC. After, I was hanging out with some of the attendees (which I always) do (it's fun hanging out with gamers...). A couple of them asked if I wanted to go to a bar and hangout there (which I never do...) but for some reason I said yes. Hours later, I was sitting there with a very drunk gamer who gave me a hard time about how DX was right wing propaganda. Before I could respond, another DX fan came up and said "Right wing propaganda? It was left wing crap all the way." Funny thing was that they were both right. It all depended on how you played. That was a drink-driven super-cool moment for me.

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Hey, Tyler, get the fuck back to work! You have a DSGA game to finish! (Just come to my office and ask me your question!)