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WaltherHanson62 karma

Dr. Kaku, may I expand on that question:

  • Which relatively "godlike" beings/civilizations would you deem possible? (e.g. "we're in a simulation", "super-aliens watching us" [& fermi-paradox], "beings of higher dimensions", type 3++ civilizations, classical religion [our existence is a divine test], etc.)

  • If we eventually (want to?) make contact, could they have "higher" ethics or will universal "Good vs Evil" continue?

WaltherHanson30 karma

Dear Dr. Kaku,

  • Are you worried that science & tech evolve way faster than we can "mature" as a species?
  • Are most people even ready to hear what this century holds in store?
  • How would you envision the most profound societal leaps (culture/religion/education/etc.) for better or worse?

Thanks so much for all your work!

WaltherHanson3 karma

Dr. Kaku, considering our species' perpetual conflicts, and ignorance towards 21st century peril & promise,

  • how would you imagine a profoundly positive transformation (culture/religion/education/etc.) to come about, and what could go wrong?

WaltherHanson2 karma

Dr. Kaku, you sometimes describe mankind as a type ZERO civilization.

What could our final station look like? Type 4/5/6 (multiverse, beyond space and time, merge with aliens, ...)?