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WalterDiazV3 karma

Thanks for the reply!

I hope you'll go well with your game, also make an update one day if you decide to make a videogame.

I'll definitively apply your advice, thanks!

WalterDiazV2 karma

How do you handle pressure and lack of experience?

I assume you have knowledge, but coming to experience, doubt, not knowing what could happen, how do you do?

Also, how to focus on what matters? How do you know "I have to put my energy on this and not in that" ?

WalterDiazV2 karma

Your story is amazing and inspiring, I'd like to ask, how did you know you were on the right path? Sometimes I have the feeling of "will this work?"

Also do you have an advice about love and people close to you? I see that you continued moving forward, but how did you handle your relationships?

One last question, what's the best advice you could give someone who is 19 years old?