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A guy (for no apparent reason) tried to kill him with a knife. Ran past me my mom and my Brother(luckily) and tried to stab him but my dad somehow blocked the stab with his hands and got his hands cut (was unable to move some of his fingers after but its mostly fixed now) I was next to him and tried to Grab the blade which resulted in some minor cuts. We then were able to take him out with the help of our travel group (aka my Family and our neighbours). We were insanely lucky nothing too bad happened:) I wish u a swift recovery! :)))

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My dad and i were attacked in ethiopia (we are from Germany) and from my experience u become a bit more cautious but not paranoid :) U will be Fine, and if you are not go see a psychologist! It really helps :)

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Thanks and crazy it is indeed 🙈

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We „fixated“ him to the ground ( it was a struggle) and got the knife out of his hand. We were directly next to our car ( a small bus) and basically let him lay there and took of (some locals helped us) we went to the nearest „hospital“ but we didnt get treatment there because it was too bad (dad is doctor) we were flown to the capital because my dad had to get surgery. I actually had the chance to further harm the guy when he was on the ground ( could have broken his elbow because it was in a weird angle and partially elevated but I couldn’t do it.) The locals beat him up pretty bad while we were leaving.

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I just now read your whole story and damn thats bad! Stay strong while recovering and keep your attitude, u seem like a very positive and chill dude!