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Bot to sound rude but: How was the sexual life in the camp? That is one aspect that is never shown in documentaries.

Even in prisons you have sexual trading and what not. did people have urges at all?

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Thanks for the answer.

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well they are rich people that can afford fake passports.

dont get me wrong. even rich people can be refugees.

just people think refugees are always people in rags that are happy to get a tent or will do menial jobs forever.

asylum can have many reasons and people not having a dime is not always true.

most of actual poor people cant afford to get to europe.

Just like OP. he is likely a from a rich family if they can afford to have family members studying in NYC

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Frank dont fuck around

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Thanks for taking the time to do this ama and being so honest about it.

Im amazed that people recognize you. I havent seen or heard about the video but to be honest i cant see the similarity between thenproof pics you provided. All asian to me. Im hust saying that i think once you move ok from the environment that knows you im sure no one will recognize you or care.

Wish you all the best