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I can see the name of your production company (Stag Pictures) is connected to your name (Hirsch). Was it hard to come up with that and has anybody else noticed yet?

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Even though that is not a 'nice' philosophy I still see some comfort in that. This is probably why I really like the Galaxy Song and think it's a wonderful combination giving you a sense of perspective and facts (as they were known back then). So thanks for that.

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The game Felicia mentioned is called Masquerada: Songs and Shadows in case anyone is interested.

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Ah, great. How are the frogs supposed to pass there. They are on foot too.

(Translation of the sign: Pedestrians are advised to use the turnstile.)

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Can't really tell where you are but I do know that you used an iPhone XS to take that photo. Does that count for a bit?

edit: Got it, you were in Manhattan, at (or near) the Park Avenue Apartments (or Hunter College).

edit2: Been hunting around for the fucking door for hours in street view. Can't seem to find it though. Either I'm to blind or your GPS is way off. ;)