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How meaningful was it when Jim Carrey screamed "I'm Jose Canseco!" in Liar Liar?

He could have screamed many other names when he thought of playing baseball with his kid.

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Thanks for responding. As a hockey fan, I HATED the Fox puck, but it did attract a lot of new viewers, from what I hear. If you're not familiar with how fast ice hockey moves, the red trails on the puck really helped. But I found that it's all I looked at...

Thankful for baseball, which will probably never have any of this!

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Do you that graphics are (or could become) too intrusive on live TV?

Obviously, some are really helpful (like the first down line and MAYBE the shot clock in basketball that's superimposed onto the court).

But some are really obnoxious (like the ill-fated Foxtracks hockey puck). In your opinion, is it going in a good direction?

What else would you like to see?

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right. I was just thinking of live graphics. I don't really care what's on the screen during a replay (with the exception of that ridiculous X-Axis trick that ESPN uses). It feels SO manipulative, for some reason.

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Do you know if you're pretty?