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WPIRiggles10 karma

Hi Sam, love Dropout! Can we get an insight into which shows are definitely continuing or is it all up in the air because of Covid? Also, will we ever see you in a Dimension 20 campaign? I wish I could just talk to the entire cast!

WPIRiggles5 karma

Hello Mr. Douglass, I have a few questions for you, if you don't mind answering them.

  1. Realistically, how long do you see your career as a Youtuber lasting?
  2. As a fellow effeminate straight man, how do you deal with the constant questioning of your sexuality?
  3. Finally, why do you never select my comments for YIAY?

I really am a huge fan and I can not wait for YGS 100! Also, you better put a ring on Erin's finger, a smart and beautiful girl like that only comes once in a lifetime!