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WOVigilant137 karma

Because there is no effective management policy on English Wikipedia beyond "Lord of the Flies for Adults".

It is thus for every topic of any complexity. It isn't an encyclopedia, it's a revenge platform.

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I know what Jimmy's thinking right now...

If only this were on wikipedia, I would have your ass banned so hard your grandchildren wouldn't be able to login!

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No offense taken. I'm not in any way aligned with or against GG.

I've been watching wikipedia/wikimedia for a decade.

It had such potential...if only it had had someone worthy to lead it.

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How on earth can you post this with a straight face?!

Wikipedia ZERO, the Wikimedia Foundation's Frankenstein monster against Net Neutrality, stares you in the face and calls you a hypocrite.

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You know Ms. PurpleUnicorn,

The more I read from you, the more I am impressed. Truly. Keep up the pressure.