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Is there a place where we can give feedback to you directly for possible future imporvements?

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Hi Geoff,

Congratulations on The Game Awards 2015.

My question is that while you have completed your 2nd time of this event, I thought that some companies/games who won/nominated shouldn't have been (as is the normal gaming opinion). Now you are a panel of experts so I'm not arguing any of your opinions etc but I can't shake this view point of rigging/per-chosen winners and it annoys me. So I was thinking is there a way next year you could do something which shows of the transparency with what game was voted for each category and why they won? Or even have a public vote which runs along side the judges votes?

What are the chances you could make Hideo can co-host with you next year? ;3

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Thank you Geoff for the response :)

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Do you want to do more Superhot in future or are you planning to move to other games?

Any ideas you wish to share?