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Ay Chuck! You are great mayne. Just one question, do you listen to music when you write? If so, who?

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Eugene fuckin Hütz?!?! You are a beast my friend. Gogol Bordello is one of the most important groups in my opinion. I dont even know what to say. I've seen you guys several times and would like to say thank you for all the amazing music you put out. If I had to ask a question or two....

Would you please play Mussolini vs Stalin on your next tour? (One of my faves and I'd die happy to hear it live)

And Are any of you tattoo enthusiasts?

I swear on my life if you came around my neck of the woods (WA state) I would tattoo ANY/ALL of you all day long for free. You guys are a huge inspiration to a fellow artist/muscian and I would like to show you my appreciation.

Sorry for the rambling, I just wanna thank you for all the wonderful music over the years. Gogol Bordello til death!

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I respect you guys and your music, but Sell me on it. Why should I listen to YOU?

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Because no one cares.