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VulpusAlbus7 karma

In your two last teams (wood elves and lizardmen) starplayers don't have unique models. Did you reduce your artist team after release? Are these models going to be updated? What will happen with starplayers in future teams?

VulpusAlbus4 karma

Whom should we contact to update outdated league info at http://bloodbowl-game.com/en/leagues, We've been tryting to get it updated for months with no success?

VulpusAlbus2 karma

Can we have this option in custom ladders as an option as well? This type of competition is also used in fully moderated enviroment in scheduled leagues. Is this decision of yours caused by that fact that you don't see a point in this, or is there some technical difficulty here?

VulpusAlbus2 karma

Any visual customizations/improvements are planned via DLCs or in-game shop? More armor, helmets, coloschemes, skins, cheerleader models, etc? How will it be sold?