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Can you address the topic of the USA being "so far behind" other countries with testing and preparedness? It's so hard to read through the bias of different news sources and would love to hear some direct responses by the professionals themselves.

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I never heard that there was a flaw in the initial shipment. Everyone was making it sound like the CDC was almost entirely inactive. Thank you so much for that clarity and all your hard work. Our world is at war and you're our frontline. Endless respect and love to you, your teams, and all you do.

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Please shoot me a way to access that story when you get it out there! It sounds like a clear issue is we were caught with our pants down. Thank you deeply for all your hard work and for taking the time. All the work you're doing is incredible and you'll all be heroes in my history book.

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This is something I am really struggling with too. While you have wide reports of this I have to really dig to find any. The whole dynamic internet experience is making some of these nuances really difficult to navigate.