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I was going to ask whether the angst portrayed by many of the characters in your comics was a projection of yourself or just an observation of the world around you....I guess this kinda answers that. :)

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There was a recent study that showed that twitter and Facebook actually have a bias in favor of conservative views. And there really isn't a "liberal" answer for organizations such as Fox News and OANN which are nakedly political.


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How does increasingly aggressive disinformation campaigns by organizations like Americans For Prosperity and The Heritage Foundation affect your research, if at all?

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Oooo! How do you use math to study something like political propaganda or disinformation? Do you have a model for differentiating between spin(presenting your preferred idea in the best light) vs disinformation(presenting misleading facts or narrative for a political objective) and do you even draw a distinction between the two?

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How much of the Biden Administration's $2trillion infrustructure and jobs bill do you think they will be able to pass?