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Why do you think you're better than Debbie Dingell at representing the people of Michigan's 12th Congressional District?

Are there polls that show she isn't accurately reflecting what people in the district want? I'm not talking about national polls because you aren't running for a nationwide office.

My district- MI-12 (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Ypsilanti, Downriver), is one of the most progressive districts in the Midwest. In 2016, the majority of us voted for Bernie Sanders, and in 2018, the majority of us voted for Abdul and Shri for governor over Gretchen Whitmer.

The people in our district are advocating for progressive policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, College for All, and getting corporate money out of politics. Rep. Dingell does not support many of these policies, and it's no coincidence that she takes money from the University of Michigan, Exxon Mobile, ect. She represents the corporations she takes money from, not the people she is accountable to.

I grew up in my district. I went to school here. I am one of the most successful grassroots organizers in my state, and now I'm putting my skills to use to help represent the people I care about.

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You're completely right. Money is the root of so much evil in our political system. Right now corporations can spend as much money as they want supporting candidates that will honor those corporations' interests. I support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the court ruling that meant corporate money in politics is free speech, and has lead to so much corruption in this country. Solomon also supports federally passing acts like the Campaign Finance Act in NY, which has been proven to increase grassroots donations. The only way to get money out of politics is to have laws that require campaign funds to be public or small, grassroots donations. I have pledged to take 0 corporate money, which my opponent has not chosen to do.

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Your plans require a LOT of spending. Where is all this money going to come from? How will you increase spending drastically and also work on lowering the national debt?

We answered this question already on this thread. You can also click on this link to read a more comprehensive answer: https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/fpytge/i_am_solomon_rajput_a_27yearold_progressive/flnzgb9/

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I am running on the policies I believe are important and what this country needs. I'm not here to play games or to worry about staying in power. I'm here to fight for what I think is right and whatever political consequences come from that, I'm ok with that.

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The Patriot Act policy you describe is totally unconstitutional. If elected, I promise to oppose any measure that infringes on the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens. I find it reprehensible the way our government spies on its own people. Rolling back the surveillance state is certainly high up on my list of priorities. I appreciate your question!