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The premise of Vote for Policies is that personality is way too dominant in the political discussion, and we need to know what the policies are first before worrying about their personality. Policies are what matter, because they are the changes we're voting for. But that's not to say, if you support a party's policies, personality (and yes, particularly leadership) does count. It's just that policies should come first. Local politics? We're pulling data from the party manifestos, so it won't cover policies for your local area - it's something I'd like to do, but I guess at this stage we're just trying to make sure the national-level policies are clear before we vote for them. Do you think personality should be considered more or less than it is now in politics?

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That's certainly true, but unlike those two sites (and the other quiz-based sites) Vote for Policies is the only place where you compare policies from the actual manifestos. We updated the policies when the manifestos came out to make sure we still had the top (up to) eight policy points, in their words and in the order they have them. But as for ideological thinking, that's what I'd really love to publish and compare! Sadly their broader vision isn't something political parties tend to publish...

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We try to give voters as much information as possible, including results in their constituency so they can see what policies other people in their area prefer. The issues of tactical voting, if that's part of what you're asking about, is something people we try to offer an alternative to, but ultimately you could end up supporting the policies of a party that won't get in. It's down to personal preference I think - give your support to the party whose policies you prefer, or vote tactically to stop your worst case scenario. It has to be down to you, but the more information you have the better.

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Ha - I'm trying to help people make their own minds up about which party is best, but if you're a UKIP fan then you'll be interested to see the results from a national poll showed UKIP's policies on Health were most popular, and for Education they came second! https://voteforpolicies.org.uk/blog/national-poll-from-tns-reveals-most-popular-policies/

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Hey all - thanks for all your interesting questions. Happy voting, and I hope the election goes well for you :-)