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Thanks for doing this. What are your biggest criticisms of Mormonism? Also, is there anything you like about it?

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With the gains and progress AKP has made in Turkey over the last decade and a half, do to believe Kemalism is still relevant? And perhaps further, do you believe Ataturk's legacy and values will still play an important role in Turkey in a generation?

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How did Zuck react when he saw you?

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Thanks for doing this, OP! I've always found submarining hugely interesting. I have three questions:

  1. When on mission, did you know where you were, or was that classified?

  2. Also you mentioned being near enemy ships once... Were you aware of who that enemy was, or was that kept from crew? Was there lots of gossip about missions?

  3. Are submariners chosen for a particular personality type above and beyond being smart? I can imagine you'd want a group of calm, cerebral, and patient people running a sub.