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then kill the dog with my tampon.

Naw, it's ok....they just poop it out...

Source: I have a dog.

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Good Guy Max:

Does AMA

Encourages others to ask questions about things other than Chronicle.

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How did you lose weight last time? How much did you weigh then? How much did you lose? What was your motivation?

Good luck to you! You can definitely do it if you set your mind to it!

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What was your first meeting like with your son? Did you meet any other potential kids up for adoption? Do you find it harder to raise him being single? Has it helped in any ways? How old are you? Are you currently dating anyone? (I ask this because I'm curious how your son takes it, are there attention or jealousy issues or anything?)

How wanted to add, you sound like an amazing human being and your son is very lucky to have you. Great work for making the world just a little bit better!

Edit: I see you answered one of my questions.

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They're in a (relatively) small cage, surrounded by other loud dogs they can't see, and are let out maybe twice a day for maybe half an hour. They have no concept of the future, no idea that there may be a time when things are different-- just loud, frightening isolation. The dogs were no longer adoptable, they were untrained, didn't know their own names, and were often cage aggressive and too unruly to be handled by normal adopters.

I understand why you may be against the No-Kill movement if this the type of no-kill shelter that you've experienced. However, I will say that I've done volunteer work with my city's largest no-kill shelter and they are amazing. They have a trainer-on-staff to help make each and every dog adoptable. (Along with a team of volunteers that are trained on how to train the dogs for behavioral issues as well as basic commands.) All the dogs are let out at least three times a day and often for a good amount of time. There are outreach programs where local joggers can sign out a dog and take them on a run with them at the local trail. And most importantly, they really look out for dogs who are exhibiting behaviors that indicate stress and do their best to get those dogs OUT of the shelter and into foster homes.

I know not every (no-kill) shelter has the resources for all this stuff, but I really attribute it to our particular shelter being awesomely managed. Their ambition has made my city one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country.