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Interesting, thanks for the response.

I noticed on your website that one of your co-founders is also the Director of U.S. Sales. In regards to sales and marketing, are you actively pursuing potential partners in all major geographic regions, focusing on a select few, or weighing heavily on Finnish companies with plans to expand your efforts as you grow in the future?

Are there any challenges you anticipate facing that are unique to a specific geographic sector, and if so, what are they?

Finally, I have to say that your innovation was initially lost on me, but after considering the size of some of the freight ships I've seen in Europe and how many containers must travel across the world on a daily basis, I've come to recognize the vast potential value of the opportunity you are pursuing. Very interesting and innovative.

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For what specific purpose are you currently seeking funding? (Extended R&D phase, additional prototype development, factory/assembly, sales and marketing, team growth, etc.)

Have you successfully brought any of your products or services to market, and if so, which ones?

Finally, which of your products/services do you intend to focus on for the immediate future (next year), and which do you think will be central to your future growth and success?

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They are seeking €1,000,000 for a base valuation of €10,000,000. This means that they are offering investors a 10% stake in their company in exchange for €1,000,000, however this is open to negotiations based on the amount that an investor or group of investors may want to counter with and the ownership percentage of equity that they will seek in return.

This is a relatively low target, so they will likely engage institutional investors who can gather the capital required according to the terms they agree to with relative ease. Having a sole investor, whether it be an institution or a high net-worth individual, is preferable in early-stage capital raises because it streamlines the investment process. If they pursue this strategy, they is no direct way for you to invest in their company. You can of course invest indirectly by owning or buying shares in the institution that eventually invests in this company, assuming they are publicly traded, but these negotiations are generally confidential so you would have no knowledge of which institution ends up investing until the deal is closed.

Alternatively, they can seek to raise their target capital through a crowdfunding platform. In this case, they would negotiate the terms and minimum investment amount per investor with the crowdfunding enabler. If you decide to do so, you would be able to invest as long as you had the minimum required amount to do so once the crowdfunding goes live.

Finally, they can try to raise funding by approaching an investment bank and issuing public shares. In this case, they would go through an IPO and their shares would be available for purchase and sale through whichever stock market they are issued on. To invest, you would simply buy whatever number of shares you'd like at the current market price.

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Damn, I'm 11 hours late. I gotta say, ever since I bought The Witcher 3, I've been reminiscing about Baldur's Gate more and more often. You guys are responsible for the 3rd game I've ever owned for the PS2 and I still remember how impressed I was as a kid with how goddamn great it looked. It had that type of artistic style that felt complete because it was meant to look and feel that way, not because of hardware limitations or "the future being ways away." Either way, just wanted to say thanks. Now that I think back to it..I think what you guys fucking nailed were the particles on the fire projectiles and that big lighting orb, how believably well crates smashed, and how rats left real blood trails on the floor instead of disappearing like goobas in Mario.

EDIT: It appears I forgot to ask a question. Why did the dwarf jump with his legs up high but the human with his knees bent under him? Human should've jumped way higher than the dwarf..