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3 or 4 years ago a case about an anesthesiologist blew up in northern Italy. Did you get call for that case too?

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Sorry I'm italian and don't know if I'm getting your 2nd sentence right. Do you mean there are a lot of cases in Italy or that italians don't share informations about these cases?

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Sir, you are running the craziest business activity in the world, or one of the craziest for sure.

1-How do you persuade helpers to engage themselves in the hunt while they are doing their normal jobs? You pay them, you pay their boss, they do it for free...

2-How often they refuse to participate?

3-Do you have to ask some kind of permit to the local police? Have you ever faced issues with authority or normal people that ask you "man, who are you and why the Fck are you hiding things here?"

#if you'll organize a hunt in Italy (Europe) PM me, if I can be a helper I sure will help this lovely craziness 100%.