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Do you have any opinions in regards to individuals who pursue their "right to be forgotten" while having the media's spotlight? Specifically, how they invoke an unintended Streisand effect by attracting attention to the very thing they are pushing to be forgotten?

To follow up, do you think if it's ever worth it for some individuals to push for this right despite having (likely negative) media attention, instead of waiting to see if their records are lost in the sea of information?

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The topic about externalities is something that always intrigues me for any company or large industry, and in this context my questions would be about negative externalities that tech companies produce and consume:

  1. Regarding negative production externalities: Have tech companies actually started to quantify (monetarily or any other feasible unit) the different types of externalities they produce? I guess not just in terms of pollution that affects climate change, but even perhaps social or other axes? I'm curious since even oil and energy companies were well aware of their negative impact to the environment well before the public science caught up with what they already knew, so I'm wondering if the same thing is/has already happened in the tech world.
  2. Regarding negative consumption externalities: Is there a possibility of having TOO much data, even if they're relevant to the products tech companies are creating? I'm only familiar with the tech industry as a dev for the past 4 years, but the initial impression I got regarding data was that all of it was a "resource" that could be mined, regardless of how important it seems in the present. However, I'm more wondering if some data is "better" than others if treating them as value, and if the bigger companies are already aware of this, and perhaps pre-weigh their potential value. The main reason I ask about this too is due to resource allocation, as data still needs to be stored somewhere, and having unused tons of data might potentially be seen as a store of value that can be utilized in the future, but if not then they just end up "rotting" elsewhere and use up real-world resources as a consequence.