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Not a criticism, but what was your though process when paying $2500? Do you have that much of an disposable income that doesn't stop you right away?

Anyway, please watch to get a grasp of how bad Scientology can be. It's not just the money, unfortunately.

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UK spy agency GCHQ has the extraordinary powers to hack into your phone and computer, enabling them to download all content, log keystrokes, and even switch on your mic and camera - all secretly and totally imperceptibly.

Can you corroborate this?

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Thank you for your response, it'll take more than a light read to process the documents. Preemptively however, such powers would require either a great cryptographical power, aside other resources, or intentional backdoors agreed or forced upon manufacturers and developers or access to a great stack of vulnerabilities that are not disclosed either privately or to manufacturers and developers. Options A and C would imply far greater problems and them would be the least of people's concerns.

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Again, I haven't dive in it yet, but it does sound exaggerated, specially comparing from what we learned from Snowden, this would put the UK in a whole new level, and would mean they either have fantastical technology or a huge bargain orncohersive power that even the US has not. I'd be much more likely to believe if we would be talking about China with Chinese companies restrictively, for example. The overwhelming majority of phones and other devices are neither produced in the UK or developed for, which would perhaps imply that of the UK had such power, every other big players would have it too.

Then again, I asked the exact same thing on the claims Richard Stallman had about Facebook to himself, and although he missed on the ways and broadness Facebook misused data, he had something there - but his claims we're far more plausible than this.

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