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VitiligoThrowaway188 karma

I too have Vitiligo bro, I had it since birth apparently, I noticed this white spot on my foot which started to grow bigger.

I now have a white spot under my eye, on my knee and my ankle.

I didnt think to make an AMA though haha.

I made this throwaway account because I have White marks on my Penis, alot little white spots, they look like tattoos which can grow haha.

Anyways, do you have that too on your penis or am I some sort of rare pornstar material?

Edit: Thanks for all the positive reactions, I too have it on my scrotum and some parts next to it, the hair grows white, but the same goes for my knee and all the other spots And about the relationship comments, thanks, my self esteem went up a little, even though I never had a girlfriend before, but now I know I'm safe just in case haha

VitiligoThrowaway85 karma

Thanks mate!

One big spot is better than several big splashes, I call them my Penis decals :D

You too the best of luck! :)

VitiligoThrowaway3 karma

Yours is symmetrical even on your Penis? Thats actually cool!

And I just realized I dont need a throwaway either, the only one who knows my main account has vitiligo himself, but waaaay more, Around his nails, half of his hands and on his elbows!