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Virez3 karma

How well is the African talent pool organized ? Do u have a strong network and a base foundation ..or is it still a work in progress.

In the hunt for sponsors, how have u been received as an purely African team ?

Ty for doing this AMA..looking forward to see how your project develops.

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The future of the internet is.....????

Virez1 karma

Who do you look up to for influences/inspiration ?

Would love to hear you play: Kat Edmonson, with "Oh my love"

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How big a part is Social Media to your case ?

Virez-10 karma

do u expect ppl to repect u more, when u tell about your "adventures" and make u king of karma, or are u doing all this for YOU...! without any thoughts about using it to boost your way further up the corporate ladder...?