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Violetninja4203 karma

Greetings! I love your tunes so very much! =3

I do have some concerns, however. In regards to your North American distribution and how Sargent House/Hello Merch overcharge for international shipping. I'm current in a dispute with Hello Merch about being charged double shipping rate for a recent order from them. I don't want to get into all the dirty details here, but I feel the people representing you in NA might be limiting your exposure by making your albums inaccessible.

My question really is would it be possible for you to pressure hello merch and Sargent House to provide better shipping services for Canada, Mexico, etc? Looking at their rates, I'm honestly shocked.

Just as an example, to order 10 copies of your second album in Canada, costs $107.50 for shipping alone. 9 Double LP's, $170.50. (-_-)

That being said, I honestly can't wait for your new album! Though it seems I'll have to get it in digital download format from your bandcamp page.

Violetninja4201 karma

I know, I don't expect you to be knowing shipping rates here. I just wanted to bring it to your attention as none of the record stores here seem to stock your albums. Or much of anyone else on your label for that matter. If you say you'll look into it, I will take you at your good word, sir!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me! =D