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Reddit should hire you to do this for every AMA. For us lazy redditors...

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Unlike the Catholic church, which essentially had it's scandal exposed because people finally reached a point where religiosity meant less to them, Hollywood has money and power. People aren't going to suddenly start caring less about that enough to do something about it.

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Or Jackson hole (though a lot of those people are only part timers)

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Obamacare was not a measure for the people. It was a big cash grab by the corporate insurance companies. Yes, it helped people get insured but it was such a half measure that rates have skyrocketed while coverage has declined. Right now, I’m paying $200/mo. To give my husband disaster insurance and praying he doesn’t get terribly ill because his plan has a $10k deductible.

I am employed by a GOP controlled state and I have great insurance but adding my husband to my insurance would cost us $650/mo. and we can’t afford that while we’re trying to save up for a house.

Meanwhile, the most efficiently run healthcare system in the country with the lowest cost per person, Medicare, is not available for purchase which is all most American’s would like to do, just let me buy in to Medicare. Please!!

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Not nearly as much as they used to especially in the developed world. People are less religious, the church is having liquidity problems. Don't get me wrong, it's still one of the most powerful organizations with members in the world but if people who watch movies were considered a part of the Church of Hollywood, I think Hollywood would win.