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My dad just retired 2 years ago after being a butcher for 43 years. I always enjoy hearing about cuts of meat that were once seen as throw-a-way cuts like chicken wings or very cheap like brisket. Is there any cuts that are popular and expensive now that you just can’t understand why people are paying so much for?

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Still to this day after hearing the words "I come in peace" I follow it with "And you go in pieces, asshole."

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For sure. I mean 2,3, and 4 were fun movies, but First Blood is a great movie.

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Please make this happen! I check about every year or so to see if Junkyard Wars or Scrapheap Challenge(what it was called in UK) is available anyplace for steaming, it never is. You also can’t find any DVD’s of the seasons. They do have some poor quality vids on Youtube, and that’s about it. I would love for it to come back!

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His blatant dodging of this question has made me lose a great deal of respect for him. As a libertarian myself I have had many arguments with other libertarians about this. My problem with it is a private company's number one job every year is to raise profits, and increase their customer base. With prisons that means get more prisoners, and to have them stay longer. The only way to achieve that as a prison is to lobby for more laws, with stricter sentences. I can not in good conscience be for that.