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I'm happy to provide the reference (or follow the path you took while researching - very neat!), and let me just say that this is a very cool idea that you and your team are developing. Major respect for creating something this big.

I do want to be clear that in many of the use cases that you've outlined, I tend to agree with bs13690 that you bear quite a bit of responsibility for the precedent you set. Physiological response to sensory data is an important piece of human context in many situations.

I disagree that there is no evidence for this - many historians argue that television, and the raw images it showed, was a major part of the Civil Rights and anti-war movements gaining attention, and eventually effecting change. A surgery patient is a different story, but the distinction is important and should contribute to the prescribed usage of your work.

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Understood. Here's a few articles to get you started.

Interviews/Overiew of TV at the time I mentioned: https://southernspaces.org/2004/television-news-and-civil-rights-struggle-views-virginia-and-mississippi/

Interview with a reporter of the time: https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/06/18/193128475/how-the-civil-rights-movement-was-covered-in-birmingham

I'll also direct you to the "many articles" out there on the subject, as well as the contemporary examples of police brutality being publicized in the US as a crucial part of shocking the public (and yes, possibly traumatizing them) into action to remedy the situation.

To your point about traumatizing content - it seems that you have a noble goal.

I'll counter and say that not reducing the traumatic impact of content, especially content that pertains to war, genocide, or social injustice is more important than the mental health of editors or FB mods. A job is voluntary, but comes with responsibility, at least for an editor (FB mods follow their company, i presume), or 911 operator to the truth - visceral context and all. I make no claim to evidence there, merely my own reference to Black Mirror's "Men Against Fire" and my beliefs.

Finally, an appeal to you personally. Pure research has been used to devastating ends - don't bury your head in the sand when you have the agency to be a voice in shaping how your research is used.

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Unless FB has mandated they be shot for leaving, there is always an alternative to disseminating information you disagree with.

It's been a pleasure discussing this with you, btw. Hope you do future AMA's as you progress!

Edit: Almost forgot to ask for the articles you mention!