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TL;DR: You're pretty awesome.

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I'm never going to think about killing myself again after reading that note you wrote to him.

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What the fuck is this shit?

My sophomore year chemistry class was like this. Very easy, basically applied algebra, we never needed to understand any of the concepts behind it. I did really well, but never gave a shit about chemistry.

Junior year U.S. history class, though, was a bitch. We needed to write a paper arguing a stance about the morality of war. Another one about the entirety of U.S. history and what the driving factors were. Francis Fukuyama and Howard Zinn were required reading. That class caused so many late, sleepless nights. I was out sick one day, and it took the entire day to do the required reading. I almost lost a couple friends doing the group projects, they were so intense. And it was the best class I ever took in high school.

tl;dr, kids learn best when they're challenged. If you bend and make the tests really easy, maybe you could make the material more difficult? College-level assigned reading, thoughtful papers, etc. If the school is going to put those restrictions on you, make the material so hard that the questions need to be that simple. Your students will thank you.

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Derek Malcolm, the British critic, says his definition of a great movie is: "One I can't stand the thought of never seeing again."

How can a man who championed Synecdoche, NY hold this viewpoint? That movie was amazing, but probably the most horribly depressing thing I've ever seen.

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The "T" in "water" and "step" are different? Damn phonemes, you scary.