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At my school we never did drills for this. It's not only an extremely rare situation (the discussion sparked in 2009 which is our most recent shooting), but because the shooters tend to be former students, drills would only give them more information. We were told that the teachers knew what to do if it ever happened.

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Your question reminds me of why my grandma told me once. She will be turning 88 this summer and grew up during Nazi times. So many stories.

She said her father always bought the cloth for his suits in a Jewish store. He found the family nice and after the Kristallnacht they were gone. He just said "that poor family". My grandma didn't understand it at the time, she said after the Kristallnacht there was a lot of candy laying around from all the damaged stores. But she also said that some of her peers at school disappeared and that people with Jewish names (Spielberg, Rosenthal and so on) got scanned by authorities for potential "bad" heritage.

Another story I like though is when the Brits came (we live in the British part) all the girls came out to see them because as you may know Hitler really liked the British heritage and called them very Aryan. They were sooo disappointed haha But some of her friends actually went back to Britain with them when they left. One that always weathered against Jews went to Britain with a German born jew who came back as a soldier. So the prejudices were breakable in some cases.

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It is insane thy someone was killed over that. Can you elaborate?

Here in Germany a big company is now prohibited to keep animals because people like you proved that there was severe animal cruelty happening in those farms. Do you think this is possible in the US or do you only target the consumers?

An article in German: http://stern.de/wirtschaft/news/aus-fuer-schweine-baron-adrianus-straathof-erste-behoerde-macht-schluss-mit-der-sauerei-2158803.html

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How did you feel about going black to America? Was it difficult for you to leave Japan behind (the cultural difference must have been huge)?

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Thank you for your answer. From your statement that you now looked like everybody else: Did you experience a form of racism in Japan for looking different than the others or did you get along well with them?

And another question I thought of: When your parents announced that you where going back, how did you feel? Did you want to go to America or did Japan feel like home to you?