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I dated a gal with dermagraphism for about 5 years. She used to take a Zantac-75 (the heartburn medication) every morning with her coffee. Her dermatologist said that it would help her body prevent from over-producing so much Histamine-A. Her swells died down a lot in both frequency and intensity. And she only had itchfits when she was sitting still. May want to talk to your dermatologist about that possibility. Bonus: you can impress your friends by eating the hottest wings the bar has to offer.

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(First comment on an ama. Forgive me if I do this wrong.) I literally just bought this game last night off of Google play. I had no idea it was coming to Steam as well! I was unaware of the fall and rise of the title and it's developer. I just thought it was an awesome game.

I'm supposed to ask a question, right? Okay.

Before you did the AMA and before the flood of advice and eventual success of your title, how close were you to just deleting everything and trying something else entirely? Are we talking another year, or another month?

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You're an inspiration, sir. I've been thinking about entering the Telecom/Internet business for my city's local businesses for years now. During one of President Obama's speeches last year, he said he would like to see more of the smaller telecom companies give the big boys some competition. As such, I've mulled in my mind the possibility.

So my question is: How would one get involved in such an endeavor (literally from step one)?

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Proof of purchase

Thanks for the reply and for doing the ama. I'm glad you released it full, because I'm having a blast playing it! Enjoy the success, to both of you.

Oh one last thing: is it bad that my top score on easy so far is under 2k after dropping about six hours in...?