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I have a standing offer in /r/gamedev to fight any frivolous claims like that for free.

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The reason I helped over 200 players this past year without charging them a dollar is because so many contracts say things like "You are signing here for $500 a month for six years." It's insane to me these get signed, but they do. I try to prevent that.

But to clarify, the biggest problem I see with players is that they sign things the same way high school bands used to sign with record labels back in the day. They're so excited to make it, they throw everything away to do so. They sign away their likeness, their everything, all for a small paycheck (and sometimes no check!). I would never ever ever sign an agreement like this without an attorney, and I'm an attorney! Have someone who knows what they're looking at review this for you. Not your mom's real estate attorney friend, but someone who knows what Twitch is. There are lots of digital entertainment attorneys out there, and most of us offer free consultations. Take a breath after your offer, call a professional, and start your career the right way. We've never lost a deal by negotiating or red lining it for safety, and you shouldn't be afraid of that.

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Fuck. Yes.

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They should be put on a small asteroid and hit with a rocket.

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Beating away all the women.