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Interesting is a bit subjective. Not everyone reading is looking for dirt. Some people just want to hear his experience, etc. I think you're being pretty rude to the OP.

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An advertisement for Shanghai for... who, exactly? I'm not seeing it. Someone requested an AMA with an Imagineer the other day, some people in design answered in that thread, just seems to me OP thought people might be similarly interested in his experience.

I'm a very skeptical person, and I don't see any major red flags here. And I know what I'm talking about too, so you'd have to do a bit better than that to convince me. Not that I expect you to care enough to try to.

Interesting how people are skeptical to a fault in some situations and yet so very willing to give people the benefit of the doubt in others.

In any case, I don't see the motivation there for OP to lie or for TWDC to engineer this to reach a whopping 200 people who were not likely to visit Shanghai anyway. It's good to be a skeptic but being a cynic gets you nowhere good.

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So to your knowledge, would you say Miceage is generally reliable for rumors? Did you ever hear any flat-out wrong ones anywhere? I know you probably don't want to say too much, but the rumor mill is interesting to me. :)

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And, for the record, I haven't downvoted you at all. I disagree but I don't think you're not adding to the conversation.