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I haven't personally, because I didn't really drive with them for long enough. However, some other drivers did and I was there while it happened. They are shown their camera feed (in front of other drivers), called out, yelled at, and told to fix whatever issues the camera's AI recognizes under threat of losing their jobs.

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Yes, Amazon will fire any driver or contractor who suggests a union. We're in the face of great odds, but greater odds have been beaten before. Alabama's warehouse fighting for unionization needs to become a national fight.

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Boycotting is the best option. The company currently holds a monopoly over online retail that, in my opinion, is bordering on being unconstitutional (if it hasn't crossed that line already). We need to collectively decide that we aren't going to buy from a company that treats its employees like crap while lining its executives' pockets with billions.

However, drivers also greatly appreciate snacks set out for them by your doors 😁. As a driver, I didn't always have time to eat, and a granola bar and a bottle of water often helped me finish my route when I was about to drop.

Edit: ok, ok, I apologize. The Sherman Anti-trust laws are the legislation I was after, rather than the constitution. Doesn't make monopolies ok, though.

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No. The owner of my contractor was being screwed over just as much as I was as a driver. Give this a watch... Contractors are in the same boat as drivers, but there's nothing they can do either. Each employee and dispatcher feels threatened for their job constantly. Warehouse management, on the other hand, absolutely helps create that fearful atmosphere because they don't have the same accountability to shoulder that the driver side of things does.

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u/slothsquatch is mostly correct, but they're actually 4-way cameras, (front, left, right, driver) and they go under the mirror. They're about twice the size of a conventional car's rear-view mirror. They monitor and detect all the things mentioned using an AI, and while they aren't supposed to be live feed, they are almost always on, even up to 20 minutes after the van has been shut off.