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as I have been with all other legitimate religions

Funny that you still refer to them as a legitimate religion.

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You mention this in your post:

Actually, making a perfect resume to pass an ATS is easy when you have relevant accomplishments and experiences to the job description you're applying to. Yet, it is difficult to explain these experiences and recognize your achievements.

But fail to address a significant problem for younger people at the moment: not having those relevant accomplishments and experiences.

It's normally people that haven't had to build resumes before that need help making one. Those people are going to be the people most likely to have an inadequate number of actual items on said resume. Does your software address this at all, Or is it just focused on getting the top 10% of applicants into the top 5% pool?

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My publisher sends out checks/reports on an odd schedule and the book hasn't been out that long, so I can't give an exact dollar amount.

For future reference, it's better to just admit you're not comfortable answering the question.

There are legal reasons that you have to know how much money your publisher has given you so far; taxes, etc, and you should really have a running log somewhere of every check they've given you.

If you don't have an easy way to determine how much you've made so far, you really need to fix that. It'll bite you in the ass at some point.

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Not entirely sure what the Western Christianity sects have to do with all of this.

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True, but, to be fair:

If that were the case, what she provided was still a dishonest answer.

Her initial response gave the distinct impression that the publisher is being intentionally vague with how much money they're giving her, which would've been a huge red flag.

Luckily, she's already confirmed she just doesn't have her records with her at the moment.