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THank you both for doing this AMA and I am very, very hopeful that my question will be answered.

It is conventional wisdom that right now, the United States government, headed by Donald J. Trump is the most dysfunctional, duplicitous, and corrupt administration arguably in our country's history. Why aren't more members of Congress standing up to the unbelievable lies coming from the White House? Are they sacrificing their integrity for a shot at their agenda? Is morality really that malleable in Congress?

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Wow! Thanks for all you do and for being there to rescue those that need help the most.

You state that animal rescue and human rights intersect in your organization's efforts: are most of your critters straight-up rescues (i.e. abandoned, neglected) or are most temporarily rescued (while owner is homeless, financially destitute, etc.) And the critters eventually return home?

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We have had several things break suddenly on us. Looking around to fix the microwave, the repair place wanted to charge us almost as much as a new oven. Then a desktop computer With a motherboard that spontaneously quit, we found that replacing it cost almost as much as buying a new one (and bonus the motherboard had no guarantee to fix the issue and no warranty beyond manufacturer defect). Finally, with a washing machine's motor that burned out, we faced the same issue: repair costs nearly as much as replacement.

My question is: how can we know that diving in to repair is as good (or better) than replacement? How do we cut expenses to make the decision easier? And any resources you'd recommend (especially for computer repair)?

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That was a stupendous answer, thank you. It is very, very hard to give up a pet for its own benefit. Thank you again for what you do and how you do it.

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Ya Adham - Izzayik?

When I was living in Egypt in 2006, there was a huge row led by students over the independence of judges. Again in 2011, in the wake of the revolution, there was dissatisfaction amongst young people with the political process. Now, from my friends who are still there, there is worry about economic livlihood of the younger people. Have you seen evidence of young people becoming more engaged in civic institutions such as voting and reporting?

Thank you.