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My little brother was like this. He was eventually diagnosed with aspergers in about fourth grade after years of the school thinking my mom was just the antichrist despite my sister and I both being just fine.

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My grandpa was one of the first people to donate bone marrow to my grandmother when she had Leukemia. She got sick when my mom was in elementary school and lived until I was in high school because of the transplant. That is an amazing thing you did, keep up the good work.

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Jeeze me too. I started reading it in middle school but it was a class book so I didn't get to finish it.

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How did you come into this line of work?

Also I just wanted to say that my first "big kid" concert was seeing MCR in Portland in the spring of my 8th grade school year. The time line is right, so I just wanted to say thank you for helping to make my first concert experience so cool (even if you weren't there that night, thank you).

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Thank you for concluding with this reply. For many years I had negative feelings about therapy, but finally going when I myself wanted to go and no one was making me because I knew I had a problem with my anxiety was the best decision I ever made.