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Our minds not our mines are going to be the solutions for the 21st century.

Spot on.

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Let me start by thanking you for being a face of reason within this current toxic political environment. Myself and many other young Australians are more engaged with politics than ever before and we're so glad to have you and The Greens to look to for reasonable policies that take into account human rights and the rapidly declining global climate.

Now to my query, I recently spent some time working in the remote community of Mutitjulu (NT) alongside The Jimmy Little Foundation, who provide an incredible educational health program to young Indigenous Australians.

As you may know, JLF have had their funding not just reduced, but completely cut off. They're currently trying to crowdfund for the resources that are desperately needed to keep this vital program from closing down. Is there anything that you can personally do within your party or the senate to help see that at least part of this funding is restored, or do you have any advice for the foundation in this time?

Thank you.

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So then KP came in and slowed it down anyhow hahahaha

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A grim situation indeed.. The priorities of this government are all too clear.

Thank you for your response.

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I agree with your leaflets comment, I feel that the best thing we can do personally is to start an open dialogue with our peers and colleagues. Awareness is key, we need to have a nation of informed Australians that care about creating a better, more sustainable and equal future for this country.