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My service in the British army was a very long time ago. Do they still issue biscuits brown and biscuit fruit? The brown were inedible, but I used to bring them home as they were good for my kids, then babies, to bite on when teething. Certainly no curry. We used to all carry a sachet of curry powder from home.

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But guess what. Has it been paid???. Has the system changed?

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I am a person, who decades ago met my soul mate. I knew the moment we met and so did she, to the extent we moved in together that day!

We did though have very different sex drives. My ideal was 2-3 times per day. Hers, at best 2-3 times per month and sometimes once every few months. But, what I learned I quality. If having one amazing night that blows your mind, it is better than anything. I have memories that are incredible. But, also, don't assume it stays the same. As we get older, our drive changes and varies. There are now times where she wants it more than me! You need to appreciate that you have this amazing intimacy and have amazing times with it, don't get hung up about the quantity as that will ebb and flow over time.

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Hello Michael.

I am in the UK and already been watching Dynasties which I have to say is spectacular. We really loved the one on painted dogs. What was the biggest challenge in making it?

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Do you feel there are restrictions on what you can and cannot teach placed on you by the government?

Also, one of the biggest Chinese news stories in the west today is about forced camps for Muslim Chinese known as reeducation camps. Is this making news at all?